Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: What do I need to register a company?
A: we require the following documents

  • ID/Passport copy(s) of all directors who will form part of the company;
  • Signed power of attorney (click here to download);
  • Proof of payment.

Q: How much is to register a company
A: Below are our packages and turnaround times:

Q: How will I get the original documents?
A: CIPC does not issue the original document, as they only email us the company certificate once the company is registered. We will forward you all the document via email of post (On request).

Q: What documents will I receive once the company has been registered?
A: You will receive the following documents:
1. A registration certificate CoR14.3
2. A Notice of incorporation CoR 14.1
3. Confirmation of the initial directors appointed to the company
4. Memorandum of incorporation (MOI)

Is there any additional fees that I must pay during the registration process?
A: NO. You will only pay an additional fee of R120 if all you proposed company names a declined due to similar companies that have the same names already registered.

Q:How do i apply?

  • Register online click here and complete the application form
  • Then click on the link application you wish to apply for i.e (Pty) Ltd Reg, VAT Reg or others, fill in the form *please fill-in all field provided* or alternatively download form on this link Downloads.
  • Pay the fee for the selected service using the banking details that will be provided after you submit you application also allocating the Reference Number and then email or fax proof of payment to

Q: How do i make payment?
A: Below are our banking details and we also accept credit card payment after you make an online application.

Direct Bank Deposit
First National Bank (FNB)
Account Name
Ideal Business Registrations
Account Number
Branch Number
Branch Name
Lakeside Mall


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